Frequently Asked Questions

What types of marketing media and services do offer?

Photography Stills, Video, Floor Plans, 3D and 2D, Interactive Floor Plans, Site Plans, Elevated 20 Metre Pole stills, Business Head Shots, Staff and Team Portraits, Business and Website Photography, Location Images, Large Prints and Wall Art for Commercial Businesses

What Types of Clients do we work with?

Architects, Real Estate Agents, Property Developers, Project Marketing, Private Sellers, Property Investors, Interior Designers, Trades, Builders, Property Developers, Large and Small Businesses. Basically we specialise in Real Estate both residential and commercial and any structure of business images.

What is the turnaround time for Photography, Floor Plans and Video?

Photography and Floor Plans are 24 hour turnaround, Video are up to 48 Hours.

Do you edit and enhance your images?

Yes we do, we add saturation, contrast, colour correct and add blue skies if needed to bring up a dull photo. We remove minor debris, what we don’t do is cover up or remove items that would misrepresent or alter the original environment or structure when the images was taken.


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