By using our services you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions. These may change from time to time at our discretion therefore they should be checked periodically.

1. Definitions ‘Client’ or ‘Clients’ means a company or individual who orders services offered by Asset Photography. ‘Property’ means the Client’s property for which we are engaged to photograph and provide our image and floor plan services. ‘Asset Photography’ means Digital Realism Pty Ltd ABN 18 515 185 135. ‘Asset Photography

Employee’ means a company or individual appointed by Asset Photography as a photographer or floor planner . ‘Us’ means Asset Photography or our Photographer as the case may be and ‘we’ and ‘our’ have corresponding meanings. ‘You’ means you the Client who has engaged us to provide products and services and ‘your’ has a corresponding meaning.

2. Copyright

The ownership of and copyright in all photographs, products and services of any kind supplied by us to our Clients remains our property unless otherwise agreed in writing. The photographs, images and floor plans we provide are to be used for the express use of marketing a single Property for sale or for rent for a maximum period of no more than 6 months. Our products and services cannot be on-sold, resold or reused or supplied to a third party for any other purpose or in any other way without our prior written permission. A separate image licence agreement must be negotiated for any use other than the one time marketing of the property. (refer

3. Liability

We take all reasonable care to provide a high quality product and service to our Clients. Our floor plan pricing includes one set of complementary amendments. This does not include structural changes. If our Clients require reasonable, additional Photoshop work to images then we will undertake this at no charge. Discretionary changes will attract additional charges on a quote basis. Please note that we will not remove or exclude fixed features that would in our reasonable opinion constitute misrepresentation of the property or its features. As all of our products and services are reliant on human performance so we cannot guarantee absolute accuracy. We always insist that our clients proof all works before they proceed with advertising or marketing of any kind. Therefore we are not liable for any costs of any kind including reproduction costs, loss of income or ensuing litigation arising from such errors or omissions.

4. Website Terms & Conditions Of Use

All content and images contained on Asset Photography web site is the Copyright of Asset Photography. The images, photographs and content on our website is protected by Australian Copyright. All images, photographs and content on our website cannot be used in anyway by a third party without the written permission of Asset Photography.

5. Floor Plans

We charge for floor plans based on the internal floor area only. We include in the floor plans external areas that are connected to the house and are usable areas, but do not use this external floor area when charging for our floor plans. Usable areas include balconies, courtyards, decks, verandahs, patios and terraces but excludes pathways, walkways and landscaping. Site Plans or Landscaping are optional extras which will attract an additional fee. See our current price list for details.

6. Floor Plans

We accept no liability for the accuracy or details contained in our floor plans. Our floor plans are drawn and also checked to the best of our ability with the ultimate responsibility remaining with the Client to ensure all details are correct before proceeding with marketing or advertising. Information contained in our floor plans such as areas are approximate and have not been surveyed or drawn to scale and the Client and prospective buyers should rely on their own enquiries before making any decisions. Floor plans are not suitable for lease registration, architectural or building purposes. They contain no structural or engineering information. Our floor plans are for representational purposes only and should be used as such. If structural or detailed information is needed our floor plans should not be used.

7. Photography

Our professional photography involves onsite techniques and post production retouching to ensure we create a top quality product for our Clients. If additional time is needed on site or we cannot access the property on time we reserve the right for the additional time onsite. If post production editing is required at the “Clients’ request that is outside our usual parameters we reserve the right to do this work on a quotation basis. Surcharges apply for dusk/dawn appointments & weekend work.

8. Image Management

We will archive all floor plans and photographs after 30 days. An administration charge of $150 (inclusive of GST) is payable to retrieve images from archive. However we do not guarantee that all files will be successfully archived and take no responsibility for images or floor plans that are not available from our archive system. Clients are responsible for immediately storing and safely backing up all files we send to avoid lost data.

9. Cancellations

We charge a $85 (inclusive of GST)a late cancellation fee if the job is not cancelled more than 4 hours prior to the allocated time or if we arrive and are unable to carry out the work for any reason. We charge a fee of $85 to return to the property for any reshoot (this includes one image)plus any travel charges. Additional images are charge at $15 per image when returning to property.

10. Third Party Work

Asset Photography may use third parties such as Contract Photographers or other contractors to perform some of our services. Asset Photography uses all reasonable care to ensure the products and services supplied to our Clients are accurate but take no responsibilities for errors or omissions of our contractors.

11. Service Turnaround Times

We always endeavour to supply our photography back to our Client by 12pm the following working day from access. We always endeavour to supply Interactive Floor Plans the same day as the floor plan is supplied and approval to proceed has been given to Asset Photography. Working days are classified as Monday to Friday. Images are delivered electronically via our online media delivery software and Clients will need the necessary internet access to view and download. Floor plans are also included via electronic media delivery and no hard copies are supplied. Whilst we make every effort to meet the service turnaround periods we take no responsibility for any loss or damage or inconvenience caused by the above time frames not being met as we are reliant on Internet services and third party involvement. All of our Clients need to take this into account when booking jobs with us.

12. Redrawing service

We offer a service to redraw existing plans into the Asset Photography format suitable for marketing the property. Plans must be emailed to us as JPEG files and must be clear and legible. Any alterations to these plans as supplied to us will incur additional charges. Once redrawn, any amendments will incur additional charges. We are not responsible for incorrect information supplied to us by Clients or other third parties or for errors or omissions to the final product. Refer to Floor Plan section above for further details.

13. Other Charges

Where our staff cannot find appropriate onsite parking and use a paid parking facility this cost will be passed onto our Client in full. Travel charges will apply to areas over 30 klm from the Brisbane CBD. Please refer to our pricing schedule for our current pricing.

14. Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of our Clients information and have a detailed Privacy Policy on our website that indicates the purposes for which we may collect, store, use and communicate personal information about our Clients. Refer to or contact our HR manager Linda Mandy 0405 565 254

15. Credit Terms

Our payment terms are 7 days from the date of invoice which are email after each job.We reserve the right to charge interest for late payments and also reserve the right to suspend providing our services to a Client until payment is made. Payments can be made by direct debit, cash or cheque. Credit cards are accepted with a transaction fee of $2.00. Upfront payments are required for private sellers or one off jobs. A surcharge also applies to private sellers or one off jobs. Please refer to our pricing schedule.